Thursday, November 7, 2013

The IKEA observation

Never knew I could feel this awkward in a store. The cheapness (in both ways of the meanig) in IKEA attracts certain types of people. The Dutch types explained.

Moms in their early 30's with a stoller, flowerly shirt and second baby on the way, driving through this huge warehouse with their best friend., knowing her husband doesn't care about the wallpaper, the vases or the "SӦDERHAMN"couch. She cares.

The desperate all-time single 45-year-old woman with a backpack. Wearing the wrong type of glasses, make-up and out-dated skirt. Walking 'round the store with free tiny IKEA pencils to write down all the funiture she could buy if she were to live with some sort of 'male person', some day.

The confused boyfriend ; 'why did I agree to give up my Saturday out with the guys for quality time with you, again?' Yes, I see 'em thinking. He's probably heading home with candles, fluffy red-hearted pillows and a red/white checked bedspread.

The spouses with nothing else to do since their kids moved out and they don't have to drive them to school or sports. They continue their shopping after they've had their meatball-lunch. (Ugh).

The poor college students with tag-along grandparents who will pay for everything for the dorm room and are happy to finally spend time with their grandchild, eating a slice of $0,50 apple pie.

Parents with 4-year-olds who have been bugging them since 6 this morning, desperate for a place to drop them: Småland.

Speaking of Småland, this place put up a sign saying: 'Pick up your kids here'. Well, never knew pregnancies went down this easy. Wanne-be moms; you are invited.

Always the undescribed type. The type I stare at for a minute, and wonder what their occupation is. What made you so sad you had to cry in a "SKALUM" blanket for $4.99?

Me. Sitting in what they here call a 'bistro' (you just totally ruined the image of a bistro, IKEA), drinking my refill coffee from a housebrand cup, wasting time while waiting on parentals to return from their walk around the store.

IKEA: I Know Everyone's Awkwardness.

Love, Rachelle

Wednesday, October 30, 2013


What is happiness?

 pleasure, joy, exhilaration, bliss, contentedness, delight, enjoyment, satisfaction

Is it waking up on the right side of the bed?
Is it that person that smiles at you on the train?
Is it knowing that you have a free evening?
Is it being in a good mood?
Is it that one last kiss when your love leaves you?
Is it a grandpa and grandma standing under an umbrella together, looking like they've just fallen in love?
It is the feeling after two drinks?
Is it having a good hair day?
Is it that one cheesy joke that made you smile?
Is it graduating high school and knowing you never have to return to that horrible place again?
Is it the words 'I love you'?
Is it a good grade?
Is it the Friday afternoon?
Is it a good conversation?
Is it a beautiful word?

Happiness is the opposite of Misery.

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Back in town!

Dear all,

Yes, I am still alive! How have you all been? What has changed: I graduated from high school & I found motivation and inspiration to start blogging again! To be honest, I have been cheating on all of you for a while now... I've started a new blog without informing. From now on, you'll be able to find me on : Joesje I'm also planning on posting some blogs here, depending on the subjects.

Hope to keep entertaining you with my stories,

Love, Rachelle